Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some tricks, mostly treats

Happy Halloween!

Danny and Isaac were both spiders this year. About two months ago, the plan had been for Danny to be the web, and Isaac to be the spider, but then Danny changed his mind, brown spider, and one black. Good thing, b/c I had no idea where to begin with making a web costume...

Procrastinator that I am, I didn't finish the costumes until 3 pm today. Chuck threw a wrench in things by deciding to come home with a fluid filled abscess (Chris' diagnosis, which was confirmed by the vet--I think he could moonlight as a veterinarian, he even got the treatment dead on) and needing to be rushed to the vet. And thank goodness he'll be ok, b/c how do you tell a 4-year-old that the cat they nap with is going to die? On Halloween? Not ready for that conversation, yet.

Um, on to the fun part of the day...

We got home from the vet to find a delivery from Edible Arrangements for Danny and Isaac, from Great Grandma. Perfect timing, b/c the only fruit we had left in the house was oranges and I had no idea what to fix for lunch and the kids were both cranky. So we ate fruit for lunch (with a chocolate covered strawberry and ghost pineapple thrown in). Grandma, do you know how many times you've saved me like this, completely unintentionally?! It was also a fabulous change from Halloween candy.

The costumes turned out pretty decent, though I desperately need to put Mom's sewing machine to good use over the winter! I.e., learn to sew my kids REAL costumes, not stuffed extra large hosiery badly sewn to cheap sweatsuits. Yeah, that's what it was :) We amazingly only lost one leg, on the way out of the house, but a safety pin took care of that.

Chris got up early (after staying up until noon carving his pumpkin) so he could trick or treat our neighborhood with us, before heading to work. Then we walked south and meandered west a little, probably only covering 10 blocks in all. But the neighbors were most generous with lots of the good candy, none of those cheapo kinds. I mean, if we're going to eat pounds of refined sugar, it might as well be good. I even discovered (and devoured) a Reese's Whips! Score! Isaac was kind enough to even share some chocolate with Zeus when we got home (not enough for a second vet visit, mind you).

Danny was such a champ this year, yelling "TWICK OR TWEAT!" for every door opened, muscling in with the big kids and all. Isaac did fantastic, following big brother up to every door, until we hit one scary house towards the end, coupled with older kids in scary masks (Saw and Scream, to be exact)--the poor kid actually trembled in my arms. Isaac stayed with me and the wagon the last couple blocks, but Danny wasn't phased a bit.

Then, like a light switch, Danny declared that his feet were getting sleepy and it was time to go home--perfect, b/c we had way too much candy, I had to pee, and Isaac was getting heavy. Some candy sustenance for the 3 blocks to the house was in order. About three times on the way home, Danny declared, "I LOVE Halloween!", with a random "Halloween and Easter are my favorite!" thrown in.

I found myself speed walking home and had to slow down, b/c really, except for Chris not being there, it was a perfect Halloween night: slightly foggy and misty, an almost full moon (that you could see!), not too cold, content children...definitely no need to be speed walking this night.

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  1. I know someone so very inspiring; and it is you!
    Do you have any idea how phenomenal you are? You never cease to amaze me.
    I love you, Michelle!
    Thank you for all you've given me. You are a blessing.