Sunday, November 7, 2010


Some notes about the newest addition:

The best sleeping baby I've had. Only wakes up a couple times a night (please, please, don't let me jinx myself!) and will nap through almost anything.
October 1st

October 2nd

October 29th; "Do you hear what I hear?"
He actually likes sleeping in the swing...maybe it's the motion? I think it's his second-favorite spot, behind a human chest, of course! The past couple days he's actually slept in the crib for a couple naps; no matter how good of a sleeper you are, you will most undoubtedly be woken up by your 3-year-old brother parking his semi-truck underneath your swing and screaming "HONK! HONK! HONK!" as loudly as possible.

 Oliver has been smiling for almost two weeks now, and laughing occasionally. It took me awhile to finally get some good smiley pics: 

I love pictures where all the baby appendages are blurry, yet the head is still!

Having his parts exposed are his happiest time, can you tell?!

The crazy-wide-eyed look.
Oliver absolutely loves Danny and Isaac already. He'll actually calm down to them "shhing" him sometimes, when he won't for me! And they're amazing with him: they've gone to the swing, when I've had to set him down and he's fussing, and made him happy again. They delight in making him smile, even bragging about it. Sometimes they fight over who gets to kiss him first. They have yet to freak out when he's crying, when even feel like freaking out! They want to be present at every.single.diaper change. They have taken to big-brotherhood like ducks to water. I love it.

"Hi, this is Oliver. I'm a baby, so I can't talk." Danny's narration, not mine!

Oliver loves baths, too. His first three baths, we just had him take in the big tub, with Chris. And he hated it. Finally, I gave him one in the little baby bath, while Danny and Isaac were taking their bath, and he loved it. And has ever since. I think the big bath was just too big and he didn't feel secure enough. There are some better pics, but they all are naked ones, and this is a public blog...

He's starting to hold his head up pretty good, and greatly enjoys kicking and flailing around. He's gotten pretty irritated in the Moby at times recently, I think because he's had enough of the being-held-so-tightly-to-mom business!

And to think we're only 9 nine days from his 2-month birthday! Flying, flying, flying.

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