Saturday, January 23, 2010

Excuses, excuses

Keeping up with this blogging thing is a wee bit harder than I'd anticipated! I've been tired lately (more on that to come...hehehe, nothing bad though); we haven't been doing much that's overly exciting; and last week in my few spare moments I was busy working on a little article that I was asked to write for the Safe Chemicals, Healthy Families campaign.

To boot, I mangled my right thumb in Chris' car door on my way to a haircut appointment on Thursday (Wednesday? I can't remember) and everything is taking me twice as long. Sooooo...good excuses, no?!

And it's been beautiful weather here--between the rain storms. But warm: in the mid-50s! Early spring? I don't know, but it's making me think about my garden.

Here are some picture highlights of the last few weeks. I only had 36 pictures, so I haven't even been photographing much!

These next two pictures are from preschool, almost three weeks ago now! We were finishing the alphabet, so I did a "zoo" and "alphabet" theme. For their snack, I gave the kids toast, peanut butter, raisins, kiwi and banana slices to make animal faces. Danny made a monkey (all by himself!) and Isaac just made a mess :) I haven't put pictures of the other kids, just because I've left this blog public and I'm not sure how the other moms feel about that. There are three other kids there though!

The next two pictures are from one of the gorgeous days we've been having. We got home from the gym and the boys wanted to have a picnic on the deck. They even moved their little picnic table to the sunshine! Notice Isaac's lack of pants? (How could you not, right?!) His diaper leaked while I was working out at the gym--I received an overhead page, luckily right as I was heading to get them anyways, with Isaac screaming in the background! Poor guy. Anyway, he didn't want a diaper on for the ride home, so he just stayed diaper-less until naptime.

This is Isaac with his friend, Woolly Bear Bear. That's what Danny names every caterpillar he finds, and apparently Isaac does now, too. Right after breakfast Isaac spotted the caterpillar through the sliding door, and insisted on going outside and playing with it. Notice the pretty sky, too. I can't believe this picture was taken at 8:30 am, it looks like 6 am! Luckily the boys don't make me get up that early (usually).

Woolly Bear Bear actually hung out on our deck for several days, right by the door. Danny kept feeding him clover, that I think he was actually eating. And then, I am sad to report, he disappeared one morning. The boys had been out playing, and I had a bad feeling. My fears were confirmed when Isaac came in, took off his boots and yelled, "Mama! What is that?" It was Woolly Bear Bear, crushed on our floor. :(

And here are the kids zoning out on a cartoon. I don't usually do this, but I was almost finished with my book and really wanted to keep reading when naptime ended!! They looked so serious though, I had to take a picture.

So not only did I mangle my thumb on Thursday (or Wednesday), I also exploded a Pyrex casserole dish all over the kitchen that same night. I had gotten Isaac to bed and wanted tea ready when I was done with Danny, and turned on the wrong burner for the teapot. The burner I turned on happened to have the lasagna from dinner on it. I heard a loud sound and Zeus scrabbling around, but I though it was just Zeus being weird (he does this a lot). Then I started smelling something burning...

I have no idea what would have happened if someone would have been in the kitchen (notice the huge knife on the floor, also, flung from the blast). Thank goodness Zeus' food bowl was on the opposite side of the kitchen island--but no wonder I heard him peeling out of the kitchen (dog claws + wood floor =  very loud and slippery). It was an absolute disaster. Nice thing though, we had a brand new Shop Vac sitting in the garage; Chris put it together right away and I put it to use! I've heard of this happening--the whole casserole dish exploding on stove burner--but stories fail to convey. So do the pictures.

Since then, I am happy to report that there have been no major accidents, though I did suggest to Chris that he increase my life insurance!


  1. Wow! I've turned the wrong burner on before, but I never knew pyrex would explode like that. I'm actually feeling quite self-centered, as I saw you on Friday and had no idea that your finger was hurt. I can't wait to hear why you're so tired!

  2. Hey, one narcoleptic in the family is too much as it is.
    And your pictures truly don't convey the disaster your casserole dish made in the kitchen. It sounded like a bomb went off.

  3. ^That was me above, you forgot to sign yourself out.