Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year in Long Beach

Well...let me amend my title. New Year's Eve was spent at home, on the couch, drinking wine with Chris. It's amazing neither of us fell asleep before midnight, but we made it.

New Year's day, we headed for Long Beach. There was clam digging for the weekend, and Chris has been very intent on becoming proficient in clam digging. And, judging by his haul, I'd say he has succeeded! He went with Tom (my brother-in-law) both nights, and they both got their limits, both nights! Good job, guys. I was very proud of Chris though, this was only his second time clam digging since we've been married, and if you haven't tried clam's fairly difficult. And cold. And gritty.

But, yum...fresh, fried razor clams? Nothing better. And complain though I did, through the cleaning, and then through the frying (I hate frying things: a) it makes a huge mess, and b) it stinks up the house), I ate and ate and ate my fill of clams. And my children? LOVE seafood. It's amazing. They scarfed the razor clams. They ate tons of steamer clams and crab and shrimp over the weekend (Grandma goes a little crazy on the seafood feasts when we're all in town). If only we could get them to eat greens that aren't disguised...

Anyhow, we had a fabulous weekend. Brenda, Tom and Zellie were there the whole time, also staying at my grandma's. I love having my extended family around, it brings back such wonderful feelings and memories of my childhood and adolescence. Brenda and I got to cook together, the kids all got to play (and fight), Tom and Chris seemed to have a good time together, Brenda made my grandparents watch Borat, we hooked up with Mom Sunday morning--nothing more you could ask for, right?!

Chris insisted on stopping outside of Chinook, to check out the swell of the river (this is the Columbia, if you're wondering). Of course the kids insisted on getting out. I took pictures from the warmth and dryness of the car :)

Danny and Zellie, in their "horse stall".

Chris and Isaac


The next two are for Dad:

Dancing...aka, running in circles and screaming

Zellie, eating the steamer clams straight from the shell!

Awww, I just want to hug you. Happy new year, my dear old dog :)

It's in their DNA.

Danny and Isaac, rocking Great-Papa.

Here's to many more wonderful memories in the LBW!

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  1. >Re. clam digging, you forgot wet. And I couldn't have done it without Tom. He was the great Sensei; taught me the ways of the clam.