Sunday, February 21, 2010

Danny's creations

Danny has been amazing me with his building skills lately. He's actually beginning to plan and strategize and it's so fun to watch the wheels turning in his little head.

The first is his railroad track. I moved the railroad tracks to a bin in the living room and it's amazing the surge in popularity we've seen! Both boys make their own tracks--Isaac's are pretty random, just whatever piece he grabs. Danny started making small circles, and then pulls this out:  
I was a little surprised. He was so proud of himself. And then Zeus broke it, though Danny took it very well.

 And then there's his own Lego house. Him and Isaac were awake very early this particular morning and quietly went out and played Lego's and let me sleep. They love me :) Danny finally came in to wake me up, and did so by saying, "Mama, mama, LOOK at my house!" It was such a nice thing to wake up to.
Zeus, again, getting in on the action. Maybe he's a little jealous that he lacks opposable thumbs?

I swear this kid will be some sort of engineer. He chooses to watch the likes of How It's Made or Heavy Metal Task Force over cartoons and he's obsessed with taking apart and rebuilding, figuring out how this wheel spins or what to do if it stops. Though he assures me he wants to be a policeman with Jack :) I'm ok, either way!

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