Friday, April 9, 2010


Amazingly, I haven't completely forgotten about this blog. Between first trimester pregnancy ickies and our absolutely insane month of March, I think I was lucky to keep the day-to-day running of our house up--I didn't even manage that every day. Such is life though, and I didn't let it bug me. Some things had to be let go for a while, and this blog was one of them.

I'm hoping now to be more regular again, if for nothing else than to keep something of a journal going!

So what happened to make life so crazy...

Being pregnant. Since we absolutely know that this will be the very last baby, I've tried very hard to enjoy it all. But let's face it--extreme fatigue and nausea suck, no matter how you slice or dice it. I don't think either Danny or Isaac's pregnancies left me feeling as tired in the first trimester as this one did. I also had about two weeks of very bad sleep--you'd think as tired as I was, sleep would have come easy. I all but quit working out for a month; we ate eggs for dinner more times than I now care to remember; naps (for me) started happening almost every day; and you can guess what the house looked like. And how unfair is it that coffee made me gag?

Chris' 30th birthday (March 13th), which I absolutely had to throw a party for--in Chris' defense, he asked me to call it off multiple times, but I HAD to throw him a party. By this point I was feeling  much more energetic, but it took a bit of time to plan and coordinate. I'm glad I did it though, b/c we had a fabulous party and would you believe I took next to no pictures? Bad, bad, wifey. Couple that with my birthday only two days later, my grandparents in town, multiple birthday dates (absolutely NOT complaining!), and...

Isaac's surgery (March 17th). This was over and done with pretty quickly, but I think the emotional stress leading up to it took a bit of a toll on Chris and I--I was getting headaches, I think related to tension and stress! And it was a very minor surgery. I don't know how parents handle serious health issues. I suppose being pregnant didn't help, but I am very glad this is now in the past!

Between birthdays and Isaac's surgery, Chris had two full weeks off in the middle of the month (he termed it his "staycation"). I honestly can't remember a lot of what we did, but we were busy and had a lot of fun. There were many good walks, a few trips to Portland, too much eating out, some good yard work...we were very sad to see him go back to work, but alas, vacation pay kind of sucks and there's only so much accumulated vacation time. Now he has to start saving back up for the birth of the baby :)

In a nutshell, that's about it. I'm sure as I start sorting through and uploading pics, I'll remember more and I know I have some good pictures to post.

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