Saturday, April 10, 2010


Easter morning 2010 started off bright and early (for Danny and I--Isaac slept in), with chocolate:
  This picture of Danny cracks me up--he looks like a half-awake pirate!

Isaac woke up and joined the festivities. Unlike Danny, who wandered around for a good 15 minutes before spotting the Easter baskets, Isaac zoned in on them immediately and beelined for the kitchen table.
This is what I call Isaac's "sugar zombie" mode. The focus and concentration this kid will put into opening up a foil wrapped's amazing.

Danny was really confused how the Easter bunny had gotten the baskets into the house. I was really confused how Danny even knows the Easter bunny. I never mentioned him; I get tired of lying to my kids about all of these fake creatures for every holiday and tooth loss, and making up these huge elaborate explanations and stories. But Danny knew, I guess probably from his friends? So I was just like, "Oh, well, Daddy must have seen them on the porch before he went to bed and brought them in." And lied anyhow, just like that. And keep lying every time I mention the cups or books that "the Easter bunny brought."

This was the first holiday where I've just let the kids go to town with the candy. Usually, I let them have a few pieces, interspersed with healthy meals and snacks. Easter this year was a free for all. Of course they were stoked; I'm still cringing a little. I'm not sure if this will be the rule in the future, we'll see. 

My sister, brother-in-law and niece came over, followed shortly by my mom. My mom was wonderful enough to bring books as Easter presents, sans candy (big, big bonus points, Mom!).

While my sis, mom and I cooked brunch (eggs benedict, roasted asparagus, fruit salad, rhubarb creme brulee), Chris and Tom supervised Easter egg dying:

After we ate, Mom and I hid the eggs outside. We somehow managed to sneak the Easter egg hunt in between rain showers and wind gusts. There were some plastic eggs filled with candy (from the baskets my dad had given us--sorry, Dad, but they did enjoy it; Chris and I enjoyed the chocolate baskets!), one for each kid with money, and then half of the eggs the kids had dyed. Danny also demanded to know why "Mama and Nana hid the eggs, and how come the Easter bunny didn't." Slacking Easter bunny, I better have a talk with him before next year.

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