Friday, December 4, 2009

I am so proud of my husband

Because today I took the computer from him and found these tabs open: Chemicals in our food, and bodies; Concern over canned food; and BPA raised workers' risk of sexual dysfunction, study says.

He must have read something about BPA...

My email inbox has been flooded in the past week, from the Washington Toxics Coalition and Environmental Working Group, asking me to petition my state legislators about removal of BPA from products intended for small children, which of course I did.

But, uh, didn't I do this last year?

Yes. I thought this was all totally old news, but I guess not. Here was the email reply I received from my state senator:

Dear Michelle,
Thank you for your email in reference to HB1108 and
SB5282.  Last year there were two pieces of  
legislation introduced and neither of them got  
through the legislative process.  The House version  
passed with a 76-21 vote.  

Neither bills made it to the Senate floor for a vote.   
Last year Senator did not have an opinion on the issue.
The bills will need to be reintroduced to be  
considered again this session. The legislature  
reconvenes on January 11, 2010.  We will keep an eye  
on this during the upcoming session.
Tina Bodine, Legislative Assistant to
Senator Joseph Zarelli
18th Legislative District
360.786.7634      Fax 360.786.7524 
Senator Zarelli's Web Site
Bill Information 

Hmmm....I know a certain senator who will most definitely NOT be getting a vote from me come his next re-election. No offense intended, Mom and Randall :)

Seriously though--I expected better from Washington State. We're usually one of the states that stay ahead of the curve in issues like this (yet another reason I will probably never leave the West Coast...unless I'm bound for Europe, that is). Maybe this year...

But, I am proud of my husband! He's often times a little skeptical of my stance on the whole natural/organic living stuff (though he didn't balk at my spending the money on Klean Kanteens, and did finally purchase a stainless steel Camelbak for himself). And when HE gets convinced, he's a talker, so other people end up hearing about it, and hopefully start to get a little interested and look into these things for themselves. (Chris, if you try to refute this point, I want you to remember last New Year's Eve, at Dr. What's-her-face's party, when you started going off about home birth, and all of a sudden, here I am the crazy hippie at the party full of your co-workers...embarrassing, yet see what I mean?!).

And to conclude, here's a link to the Washington Toxics Coalition page on BPA, so everyone else can email their state legislator (although, this is specific to Washington State, I believe): Tell legislators it's time to eliminate BPA!

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    My name is Samantha and I am helping out with a group called Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families of which the group you mentioned, Washington Toxics Coalition, is a member.

    I can't find another way to contact you, but we would love for you to get involved and contribute a story. Do you have some time to chat?

    You can email me at

    Please feel free to check out our site,


    ~Samantha Clemans