Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zoo lights

 Isaac doesn't look very comfortable, does he?!

Isaac on the zoo train. Poor little guy was cold, and very whiny, until we boarded the train, but riding the train seemed to cheer him right up!

Danny is "helping" post these pictures, and when he saw this one, he said, "Mama, but why do you have your hair sticking up in your mouth?" !!! I don't know, good question...


Danny under the dragon


Isaac hugging the tiger. He's still talking about this! Even big brother wouldn't do it, but Isaac didn't even hesitate.

Watching the tiger walk away: "BYE! BYE TIGER! BYE!!!!"

A sleeping ocelot. Danny and Isaac were really excited about the cute kitty.



We've been to zoo lights the last three years in a row. It wasn't exactly something I meant to make a tradition, but...looks like it is! I don't think Danny will let a Christmas pass from now on w/o us going at least once. The past two years I've gone solo--which I'm really proud of myself for!--and the boys have been so good, it'd be kind of hard to argue against taking them (though it was easier having a newborn and 1-year-old Isaac in a sling, tucked snugly in my coat, not insisting on seeing every sight and getting down and walking every three minutes! He was a little more fun this year, however!).

Here's to many more great zoo lights, and thanks to Great-Grandma for the fun zoo membership!!

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