Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let the holidays begin!

We are on the ball this year! Last night (the 1st of December!) we got our Christmas tree and got it all decorated.

I guess we'd really be on the ball if it wouldn't have been almost 7 pm before we got home, with dinner still needing to be cooked; an almost 8' tree to contend with; ornaments and decorations to be found...but that's just how Chris and I roll, and you probably know this.

While I fixed dinner, Chris got the tree in, located the tree stand, sliced off the bottom of the tree and drilled a hole in it--I have no clue why he drilled the hole, I thought it better not to ask. I think he just wanted to play with some of the tools he rarely gets to use!

After dinner, we decorated! Well, just the tree, the rest of the house is still waiting its turn.


 Danny actually helped this year! As you can see, we ended up with a lot of ornaments at the 2 1/2' level, around the entire circumference of the tree!

This Kermit the frog ornament was bought by my parents when I was small, because I loved Kermit so much! Apparently some things never lose their appeal, as there was a small fight over this ornament (how Isaac won I'm still puzzling over!).


Too bad Isaac didn't have pants on...I'm not really sure what happened to them.

Post-decorating. I love when the house looks like this at 9:30 pm, with both kids still awake. And notice who's relaxing on the couch...

I suppose it was equally tiring to watch...

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  1. Looks like fun! I see your house looks like mine - only mine looks like that every evening!