Thursday, December 31, 2009


We finally had a our first snowfall, on Tuesday afternoon. It was kind of crazy to think that last year at this time, we'd already had about 16 inches. Danny was so so so excited--we were still in "quiet time", as Isaac was asleep, and Danny immediately grabbed his coat and mittens and headed outside, and stayed out there for over an hour!

 Can you tell he's excited?

Eating snow off the raspberry beds. This kid loves to eat snow.

I think he was trying to make snowballs and throw them for Zeus.

Isaac, ready to head out! He was more excited than he looked...

It took Isaac awhile to venture out from under the porch.

Then they rode bikes, of course.

Isaac only managed to stay out for about 20 minutes. He had yanked his mittens off and was standing at the end of the deck, screaming about being cold. Apparently the connection between warmth and clothing has not been quite reached!

But, while I was getting dinner ready, we had to run back out because the snowflakes were, I kid not, two inches in diameter! It was too exciting. So we caught snowflakes for a few more minutes and then came back in again.


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