Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Saint Nicholas Tag

When Chris was growing up in Germany, they celebrated Saint Nicholas Tag on December 6th--tag in German is "day", and this is the feast day of Saint Nicholas. In Germany, and some other parts of Europe, kids set their shoes out the night before and wake up the morning of the 6th to find them filled with little goodies from Saint Nicholas.

It's hard for me to remember to incorporate new traditions like this, and Chris wasn't much help in remembering this year, and we completely forgot to put the boys shoes out the night before! Luckily, I remembered upon awakening in the morning, and, while the boys were still in bed with us, I woke Chris up and he snuck out and did the dirty work. The boys just think Daddy put their boots out for them, since we forgot before going to bed! Whoops...

Waiting for me to unlock the door...bah to forgetting to turn on the flash and Danny's blurry face!

Danny brings his stuff inside...

...while Isaac starts scarfing chocolate, with the door still open! (And it has been COLD!)

Still eating chocolate. And later threw multiple tantrums.

Give Danny a new Hot Wheels, and he's good for a week!

And just because it's cute, I have to put up a picture of Chuck and Zeus. Chuck has decided that Zeus' bed is a good place for him as well, and cuddles with him. You can tell Zeus hates it, but tolerates it :)

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