Monday, November 2, 2009

Countdown to turkey day!

I totally pirated this idea from a friend, who got it from a magazine, and so far it is working like a charm.

We made a turkey (just construction paper), with a feather for every day from November 1st until Thanksgiving (the 26th, in case you need to know). On the front of the feather is the date, on the back is a clue to where a piece of Halloween candy is hidden (well, two pieces in our case, one for each kid). We rip off a feather each afternoon and away they go! Kind of an advent calendar/treasure hunt combo.

The kids love it; it keeps them occupied for awhile, searching for the candy; and this way the candy gets eaten a little more slowly and I don't get bugged for it. As a bonus, Danny has been making collages out of construction paper, every since helping me make the turkey. Wait, that might not be such a bonus, judging from the million jillion teeny tiny bits of construction paper all over the floor in his room...

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