Friday, November 6, 2009


For Danny's birthday party we bought this little cardboard house that is completely undecorated, so the kids could paint it at the party.

Unfortunately, it rained the day after the party and the house was in sad shape out on the deck.

It was raining all morning, and our house was somewhat picked up, so I decided to resurrect the cardboard house (we did pay $20 for the dam thing), let it dry a little inside, and have the boys redecorate it. And it kept them occupied for a almost an hour, though I did have some marker to clean off the walls and floor, but this is what Magic Erasers are for.

Danny drew himself and Isaac, anatomically correct even, and then a cow next to them. The cow is the upper left picture (with 4 legs, even); Danny is to the right of the cow; and Isaac is down below.

He's just begun drawing actual pictures that resemble actual things, so this is exciting, though I'm a little surprised (and can't quit laughing) over the fact that he's drawing genitalia!

After I oohed and aahhed over this picture, he told me, "But wait, Mama, now I'm going to draw something really cool!"

And proceeded to draw a whole array of fire trucks, ambulances, Life Flight helicopters, and fire rescue vehicles, with a single firefighter thrown in.

He was very proud of his artwork!

Now while Danny was working diligently, you can take a peek at what Isaac was doing:

That's right, eating markers and crawling in and out, in and out. Mischief and mayhem as usual, for the little Shooey. He only drew on the wall once though, and on the floor accidentally, so I'd say we're improving :)

What a nice, quiet morning! (Oh geez, and then I add this last picture, and here's Isaac trying to dismantle the house!)


  1. Thanks for the laugh! That picture of Isaac - it could be Alyssa! Danny's pictures are AMAZING!!

  2. I am so impressed with Danny's pictures! Too funny!