Monday, November 23, 2009


--a term of endearment (I think...!), frequently used by my dad when I was growing up to describe my sister, brother and I on days when mischief and mayhem ruled (which was probably most days in a house with 3 kids, each a year apart--my parents were insane, apparently).

My kids are hellions today.

It started last night, at 3:30 am, when I was awoken by the laundry room door opening and shutting. Danny was in there, looking in his muddy jeans' pocket for his police car. Really? At 3:30 am?

He came and got into bed with me and Isaac (why we have a king-size bed!). Isaac woke up and decided he needed water. I got up and found a water bottle. After getting back in bed, I realized the cat had been let into the house when the laundry room was opened, so I got back up and threw the cat out. Got back into bed only to realize Zeus had been trapped in Danny's room (he goes crazy when he's trapped--scratching and whining and I did briefly, very briefly, consider just leaving him to learn his lesson), so got back up and freed the dog.

Luckily they let me sleep until 8 am.

By 10 am, my coffee had been spilled twice (though admittedly, Chris spilled it the first time--he's a hellion, too, I guess); a bowl of Indian corn had been spilled beneath the dining room table; oatmeal was smeared all over the kitchen counter and Isaac's head and pajamas; there had been approximately five fights; Isaac was throwing everything he could get his hands on and alternately riding and hitting Zeus; Danny had smashed his mouth on the dining room table...

We'd been up for TWO hours!

I had given myself the go-ahead to skip the gym today, too, but after all this, I decided I'd rather be running and lifting weights! So at the last minute, the boys were Kid's Club bound and I got a blissful, sweaty hour to myself. It was so worth it.

And now, some pictures of the hellions on their new bikes, on a walk we took yesterday evening before dinner. There's a ton of construction a block away from us--a housing development AND a major road being torn up--and it had been begging me to take the kids for some good dirty play for a few weeks now, and I finally got around to it. Plus, when there are construction vehicles involved--Danny and Isaac need no more incentive!

Look at that balance!

Danny fell in this mud about two seconds after the picture was taken. He then tried to convince me to wipe his muddy seat and handlebar on my white coat...ha! Right, kiddo! A deep mud puddle did the trick.
Isaac, looking for the moon...

And man, are they getting fast on those bikes! I had to jog a couple times, but it's a nice change from the snail's pace we sometimes take :)

I love you, little hellions!

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