Thursday, November 19, 2009

My baby is not a baby anymore...

I had to do a post about Isaac. He's been amazing me lately with way too many things to keep quiet! And as the baby, I feel like his accomplishments (maybe a big word for a two-year-old, but whatever, I'm his mom and I think he's amazing!) sometimes go unnoticed in big brother's shadows.

A little after Isaac's second birthday, I realized the poor kid did not know colors, whatsoever. Bad mommy. With Danny I'd been so good pointing out the "black cat", the "orange pumpkin", the "green tree" get the idea. Danny and I also used to read all the time. I mean, an hour a day type of reading, even more on some days. Of course we still read quite a bit, but not like that anymore. So I enlisted Danny to help me teach Isaac his colors--we read a lot of color books, I quit slacking on pointing out colors, and Danny continually quizzed him ("Isaac! What color is this truck? Isaac! What color is the chair? Isaac! Isaac!"). Isaac was recognizing colors within a week. I was amazed, and very proud, at how quick he picked it up. Quiz him next time you see him, it's fun :)

Isaac really really loves going to preschool with Danny. He gets left behind with Chris on most Tuesdays to accommodate the carpooling schedule and is always very upset to know Danny and I are going to school. Fridays aren't so tough, b/c I don't usually help and then he gets 1-on-1 time with Mama, though he's still sad to see Danny leave. Anyhow, he's really picking up letters and numbers. He sings parts of the alphabet ("Q, R, S" and "X, Y, Z" are his favorite parts--he sung throughout the grocery store the other day); he does funny counting to play hide and seek ("2, 4, 2, 4, Ready or not, here come!"; the number 18 is very popular with him, too...).

And let's talk about Tommy the cat. Dad bought Isaac this cat for Easter when Isaac was, oh, 8 or 9 months old. Isaac loved it when he was a baby--he'd suck on the tail in the car for quite awhile, it was a little gross to be honest! Anyway, Danny busted it out of the animal bin one day awhile back, with HIS cat that Mom bought for him, and named them both: Nikshi is Danny's black cat (no clue where the name came from); Tommy is Isaac's orange cat. Ever since, Isaac has been sleeping with Tommy, often times packing him around the house. There's usually a cement mixer in the crib, too; for some reason Isaac really likes cement mixers. He's lately started naming the different types of vehicles and construction equipment, no doubt influenced by big brother :)

One place he's not influenced by Danny is his interest in music and instruments. He's forever turning things into "drums" and runs around banging on them and saying, "Drum, drum, drum!" Danny will actually copy Isaac in this area! Bongos have made it onto my Christmas list for Isaac :) He loves to sing and dance, things Danny practically hated at this age. We can calm him down with the Itsty Bitsy Spider; turn on any type of music and get him to dance; he sings songs by himself; he likes library story time type stuff (Danny refused to participate, even from my lap!).

Ok, this is long...I probably shouldn't even post it, but I decided that a bonus to keeping this blog would be that we'll have something to look back at--almost a digital scrapbook, I guess. If you made it this far, you must love Isaac almost as much as I do :)

I love you my little Shooey, never quit amazing me!

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