Monday, November 9, 2009


At the grocery store the other day, Danny saw the huge display of pomegranates and begged me to buy some. They were 2 for $3 (this was at Safeway), and since they'd been $3 apiece at Fred Meyer's, I complied. Plus I was impressed he even remembered what they were.

After his quiet time, while Isaac was still asleep, Danny and I cracked them open and got all the good stuff out. Danny ate every.single.seed that he removed...guess he really likes them!

Now we've been eating them for a couple days, and every time I pull them out of the fridge, the conversation goes something like this:

Danny: "Yay, pomegwanates!!!"

Isaac (10 times louder, and clapping): "Ayyyyyyyyy, papa gwandmas!!!!"

Danny: "No, Isaac, not 'papa gwandmas'; say pomma. gwanate."

Isaac: "Papa. Gwammas."

Danny: "No, no, Mama, Isaac can't say it right. Isaac, say POMMA. GWANATE."

And so on and so forth.

I love their conversations. I love that now they have them without any prompting or encouraging from me.

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