Friday, November 6, 2009

Gingerbread friends...and cars, and motorcycles

I went to Costco on Tuesday, just for dog food, and came out with the dog food, a bottle of wine, two types of cheese, and Gingerbread Friends. I can't resist her books. I can't resist Costco's ploys, either, apparently.

We read it before naps that day, and of course it led to Danny wanting to make his own gingerbread baby and friends. We got the dough made that afternoon, while Isaac was still napping, but the baking of the cookies got postponed until Wednesday.

Danny got to use his new rolling pin and cookie cutters that he'd received for his birthday. Isaac actually used a rolling pin correctly! And resisted eating all the dough. I was so proud of my baby :)

The cookies were great, sorry we can't share over the computer :( You'll just have to console yourself with some pictures!

And here they are, enjoying the finished product:

Nana was in town and stopped by, later in the day, and got to sample some of our goods. And then she took some to Brenda, Tom and Bean for us, so I guess they did get dispersed a little.

Poor Mom got mauled, I couldn't get a single picture of the boys holding still! They were very excited to see her, and show off their new bikes and skills, and jump all over her.

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  1. I was just tempted by that book today at Costco. Now I regret resisting, that looks like fun! (btw - I got your message. It was a long day for us, so I hope you got your milk.)