Monday, November 9, 2009

Even on a bad day... children make me smile :)

On the way inside, from an errand, Danny and I were discussing the mold growing on our pumpkins. One pumpkin is a cat, and I commented, "The kitty has fur growing on the inside!"

Danny said, "Wait, the fur is supposed to be on the OUTside!"

And just now, Danny is upset with me, b/c I couldn't change the handlebars on his bike like I'd promised--they're just too hard for me to peel off. I told him he'd have to wait for Daddy to do it, so he's been sitting in the kitchen, sulking. I told Isaac that Danny was sad and that he should get him his favorite toy to cheer him up. Lo and behold, Isaac returns seconds later, with a squishy frog Danny had received for his birthday. And then he went and got this shake and go car (also a birthday present) that Danny also loves. These really are two of Danny's favorite toys right now, and it's amazing that Isaac is so observant!

And now Danny is happier. Way to go, baby brother!

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