Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The one billy goat gruff

Danny and Isaac have NEVER heard the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff (which is unfortunate--I really want to find a nice book that has stories like this in it).

Yet the other night, while I made dinner, they tore the couch apart and totally re-enacted the story! Danny made a couch cushion "bridge" between couch and ottoman, which Isaac repeatedly crawled under. I came to see what was going on when I heard Danny saying, "No little babies under my bridge!! I eat little babies who go under my bridge!!", and Isaac cracking up and crawling/running away.

Hmmm...Danny's even making a bit of a troll face in that one picture.
Uh-oh, and now Daddy is going to be mad that they were jumping all over the couch. Unfortunately, necessity sometimes trumps house rules (like when dinner is going and the kids are clinging to me and whining, and Daddy is getting ready for work [in peace!] so I suggest, "Go make couch forts!!" Yes, necessity...)

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  1. I always look the other way when I'm cooking!

    I wonder where they heard the story? I've read it quite often to Andrew and we have the flannel board story. I've never seen them playing it at school though.